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A Message From Our Founder

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Thanks for your interest in this gentle and unique program. I hope you look around here a little and discover ideas of how this program or my story might be able to help encourage you or those you love in some way. Sanctuary Stretch isn’t a magic wand to fix all my problems, and trust me I have many, but it is a powerful tool I use to cope with life far better than I do without it. The benefits are abundant! Throughout my life I have battled a bunch of physical and psychological issues that impact my life in scary, painful ways. It would take writing another novel to explain it all, just like each of you, we all have a memoir in the making, and maybe one day I'll write that book. In the meantime, a few highlights from my story begin with a dysfunctional childhood that left me with a distrust of religious institutions and a rebellious streak, yet I found faith in something greater than myself; a Creator, Father, Saviour & Spirit always looking over me, infinitely connected to the divine spark within me. That relationship has deepened and strengthened with each encounter of unconditional love, mercy, and power during each hellish experience. I’ve tried countless ways to cope with the trials and numerous mental health diagnoses, including decades of therapy, pharmaceutical dependency, 12 step recovery, plus more non-traditional methods. I have felt at war with myself for so much of my life. Yet, each phase of this journey has taught me vital lessons about myself, my relationships with others and with God, and the purpose for my pain. It’s quite mind-blowing to see how God has been present with me through it all. I’ve experienced so much healing in my body & mind by combining Faith in a loving, powerful God, with Pilates and Mindfulness Meditation. Thanks to this growing awareness and the peaceful healing principles found in Sanctuary Stretch, I have a greater sense of peace and serenity than I ever thought possible, despite my highly sensitive nervous system, and I am beyond grateful to be living a full healthy adventurous life. I’ve become much more accepting of the challenging human dilemma we call life, one day at a time, as God continues to love me and bless me in spite of all my failings and flaws. I welcome the chance to share the techniques that I’ve collected along the journey with others, and it brings me so much joy to see lives change for the better as each individual and group learns to develop values of self-care, serenity and faith for themselves.

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You can get access to more from Claire Marie Tate on her blog over at Inner Angels & Enemies or purchase her debut novel "The Realm" from Amazon  (Note: Author name Claire Marie Bowden) And don't forget to check out Sanctuary Stretch's YouTube Channel for a number of meditations and movement videos absolutely free!


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