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If you're wondering what to expect in a Sanctuary Stretch Session, some of our clients call it an 'Alternative to Christian Yoga', and others say it's more like 'Body Balance for Believers'. We use gentle Pilates movements and mindfulness to settle the nervous system while improving numerous aspects of wellbeing, such as sleep, posture, core, health, flexibility, mood, stress, pain and more. This practice allows the body, mind and spirit to find a place of peace and intimacy in faith. By strengthening and stretching our bodies in this gentle way, it becomes easier for busy minds to relax and follow our guided scripture-based meditations. We can tailor our sessions to be suitable for all ranges of fitness from school age, through disability, to aged care. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else. That's for sure!



Sanctuary Stretch is ready to assess all your faith & wellness needs in order to design a workshop prefect for your group. Our instructors are certified, fully insured, Blue Card holders and excited to show just how much you can benefit from this amazing program. 

What do we do?

Our workshops will introduce you to all the awesomeness that is Sanctuary Stretch and get you ready to start. Beginning with grounding, we'll spend a few minutes correcting your posture, settling your busy mind and soaking up a positive scripture. Followed by 40 minutes of unique mindful stretches, combined with slow gentle Pilates exercises. Rounding up with 15 minutes of peaceful guided relaxation. We are flexible to come to a facility near you!

All our services are professionally designed and flexible to meet your needs.

This quick 10 minute Faith-Based Meditation gives an idea of our relaxing vibe.

what people say

I enjoy every one of these sessions, they have helped me in so many ways

— Nick

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