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Pilates Stretching - Christian Yoga
Our Philosophy

It's no secret that our Body, Mind & Spirit need nurturing to find balance and renewal. But what if all the programs you've tried so far haven't felt the best fit for you? When our predominant beliefs are found in Scripture we get the most benefit by incorporating them into our wellness practice. We also need understanding when we're feeling less than our best self, which is not always easy to find in today's culture. Sanctuary Stretch is the only company founded in Australia offering these unique slow-paced movement & mindfulness classes without any conflict to your faith or your individuality. #bendbreathebelieve

Pilates Faithful Stretching
Our Founder

Claire Marie B has been using Pilates and meditation since 2006 to restore her wellbeing after a car accident left her damaged physically and psychologically. She has poured her heart, faith and experience into designing a program that brings spiritual and emotional peace as well as physical relief. This program doesn't align with any specific denomination as we believe a personal relationship with Christ in our inner life is far more valuable than the differences that may divide us. Claire is passionate about showing clients how to embrace their own path and hopes to see the stigma removed from mental health issues. #nostigmaformentalhealth

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind"

Romans 12:2

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